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Outrivals boutique gym Small Group Training and Personal Training

“A really friendly gym – some of the best trainers in London, a real “community” feel, great workouts, great equipment, great support, great shakes, great social side. Great!”

Kerrie McCabe

“I joined in November 2016 and came from having done little to no exercise for nearly a decade. Not once did I feel embarrassed or judged and the best part- the whole team knew my name from Day 1!”

Natanya Dettman

“The trainers are all really knowledgable and friendly. The small group classes mean that your technique gets corrected! The trainers really get to know your strengths and your own particular body’s limitations (and help you work on them). “

Lauren D

“The best gym I have ever been to. A lovely friendly environment where the staff make every effort to get to know you and your needs. The attention to detail in the small group classes is excellent and the PTs really know what they’re talking about!”

Claire Kendrick

“Attentive, knowledgable trainers. 121s or small group classes. Suitable for beginners but also tailored to challenge advanced athletes.”

Madeleine Evans

“The best and most convenient gym experience, amazing small group classes. Fantastic PT. Ive seen a massive improvement in my stregnth. Cool and relaxed environment. Yummy smoothies..”

Joanna Gisborne-Land


Gone are the days where the gym was an unsociable grind. At Outrivals we want to know who you are, what your story is, and provide a place for you to not only bring your friends, but be part of a community as well.


Our PT programs are tailored to you. Our Small Group PT class sizes are small with a versatile program offering an affordable way to be exposed to the personal training format, without breaking the bank.


We know that sometimes the biggest thing holding you back is you! We will help you take on your biggest rival, by giving you targets to overcome that are individual and tailored to you. It’s time to outrival yourself!
Want to know what training with us looks like? Check out our video which shows you what our small group PT sessions are like.




All memberships work like a regular gym membership with gym access. Come and train whenever you like.


 All monthly memberships give access to over 50 small group PT classes. Maximum 10 people in each.


All our trainers have a specialist background in fitness. Strength and conditioning is just the start.


For all sales enquiries please contact sales@outrivals.com



Gym Access + Unlimited Small Group Classes for 7 days

+ Complimentary Body MOT with a personal trainer


14 DAY TRIAL £50


Gym Access + Unlimited Small Group Classes for 14 days

+ Complimentary Body MOT with a personal trainer





Gym Access + 4 classes, thereafter; 5-10 classes @£13, 11-14 classes @£12, 15+ classes @£11

+ Complimentary Body MOT





Gym Access + Unlimited Small Group Classes +

a monthly 1on1 consultation with your trainer and Body MOT.





Gym Access + Unlimited off peak classes (Mon – Fri 6:15am/ 7:45am – 6:30pm & all weekend)

+ a monthly 1on1 consultation & Body MOT





Gym Access + 4 classes per month, thereafter; 5-10 classes @£13, 11-14 classes @£12, 15+ classes @£11,

free smoothie every session.


To view our 1-on-1 & 2-on-1 Personal Training options, please click here

Each membership includes a 1-to-1 Body MOT with a trainer.
£7 no show/late cancellation (within 6 hours of class time) charges apply to Small Group classes.
Class Packs do not include normal gym access | Gym access is between Mon – Fri 9am-6pm/ 8pm till close & all weekend.


45 Min Classes

Nutrition bar

Retail hub

Full Shower Facilities

All levels are welcome, and we mean it! You literally need no background in a gym environment to get started. All of our classes are infinity scaleable so you can jump right in to any session without hesitation. Likewise if you have have some experience, the scalability works both ways so expect a work out!
With personal training, you will usually work within ‘Blocks’, specific to your goals and progress over a period of time. We have taken this model to the way we design our Group PT classes, allowing you to see logical progress over 4 weeks (with each week having a different focus), starting with endurance, then build, into strength and finally challenge. At your Body MOT you can find out more, and which classes suit you and your goals.
We offer a Group PT classes and Personal Training memberships that run month to month and can be settled by autopay on the same date each month (30th). To get this set up, just get in touch with us via phone or email and we will organize a pro-rate until the start of the next billing cycle so you can get training right away.
Our packages are varied to allow for flexibility based on your training frequency, as well as the goals you have set for yourself with your trainer. The trainer will make a recommendation at your consultation based on the above, but in the end, its up to you!
Not much! We provide you everything for showering on site as well as equipment necessary for the classes and even some great training gear options from our branded merchandise. The changing rooms are supplied with hair and body care products and other essentials to make sure you leave here looking as fresh as you feel.
Work your way up to a free membership by collecting points on our Outrivals Reward Program everytime you come to a session or buy a smoothie!  On top of that, all new members are entitled to a one on one Body MOT where you can discuss with our trainers what your goals are, get some pointers on how to move safely, and set some targets for you to tackle over the coming months. This is completely free, and completely up to you, but we promise you will get a lot out of it! All monthly members also get Gym Access to train themselves during our open gym hours (Monday – Friday 9-6pm + all weekends).


Monday-Thursday: 6am-9:30pm
Friday: 6am-8:30pm
Saturday: 9am-2pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm
22-24 Corsham Street
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7683 1967