Alex Team photo

Alexandru Druica-Lazaroiu


Alex‘s interest in fitness began early in life and was heavily influenced by his family. He began to learn gymnastics and karate while also doing exercises at home under the close watch of his grandfather.

As he moved from Romania to Italy to Rome and finally to London, Alex continued to grow in his fitness knowledge and became a part of Outrivals to reach his goal of being a trainer.

He’s just recently earned a Level 2 certification as a Fitness Instructor and is working to achieve his Level 3 Personal Training Certification as well.

Currently, Alex is working reception at Outrivals, but he hopes to grow into the fitness industry and create a career as a fitness instructor. Fitness is a part of Alex and is his lifestyle and he hopes to share that with others in their fitness journeys in the future. 

1 Minute with Alexandru

Favourite Song

Living Darfur by Mattafix

Favourite Sport to Watch or Play

Watch: Gymnastics

Play: Calisthenics

Go-To Drink



Driving exotic sports cars (Ferrari!), Personal Development & Reading

Last Meal Before Death

“I would need 2 courses”

1st Course: Steak with Oven-Baked Potatoes

2nd Course: Baked Salmon with Asparagus

Childhood Hero

Son Goku

Spirit Animal


Favourite Film

Jerry Maguire or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best Advice Ever Received

“Dream limitlessly.”

An Interesting Fact

I can sound like a dog, cat, or cow.