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Harriot Whelan

Performance & Events

Harriot has a passion for fitness and inspiring others to achieve their goals. She has run a sub 4 hour marathon in the past. One day she would like to own her own animal sanctuaries around the world 

1 Minute with Harriot

Favourite Song

Justin Bieber – Baby

Favourite Sport to Watch or Play


Go-To Drink



Working out and looking after my pets, I have 2 dogs and a horse.

Last Meal

Cheesy garlic bread to start, Fajitas as main and Pizza Hut warm cookie dough to finish

Childhood Hero

Eliza Dolittle or Dr Dolittle

Spirit Animal


Favourite Film

I Feel Pretty

Best Advice Ever Received

If it doesnt make you happy or smile,

don’t do it.

An Interesting Fact

I used to ice skate and opened up Somerset house ice ring with Torvill & Dean. It was on the news on T.V.