Josh Ward

Head Trainer

Joshua has over 10 years of experience in fitness, encompassing strength and endurance training, marathons, and event fitness. In addition to this, Joshua is knowledgeable in the classic gym, weight, and circuit training as well. He has competed in and helped many clients through marathons, tough mudders, triathlons and more.

Having served for a number of years in the British Army’s finest Parachute Regiment, he brings a strict and structured teaching style to his classes.  Joshua is guaranteed to get the most out of you and delivers all his classes with an infectiously positive smile!

1 Minute with Josh

Favourite Song

No Worries by Simon Webbe

Favourite Sport to Watch or Play


Go-To Drink

Beer or Gin & Tonic


Making music, DJ-ing, & Raving

Last Meal Before Death


Childhood Hero

The Rock

Spirit Animal

Sea Turtle

Favourite Film

The Matrix

Best Advice Ever Received

One day, you’ll be too old to do the things you really want to do.

An Interesting Fact

Josh served in the military and on a dating show (not at the same time!)