Sophie Team photo

Sophie Tosone

Strength & Conditioning

As a keen runner and pioneer of the group and outdoor training, Sophie’s sessions will be sure to work on getting the exercise fundamentals right from the start. She aims to challenge both your body and your mind but time will fly by with you having fun!

You’ll be glad you went to her class as she always brings the energy in the form of a great playlist and some killer exercises!

1 Minute with Sophie

Favourite Song


Favourite Sport to Watch or Play


Go-To Drink

Gin & Tonic


Walking, holidays, eating, going to new places

Last Meal Before Death

Pizza, Cake & ice cream

Childhood Hero


Spirit Animal

A Cat

Favourite Film


Best Advice Ever Received

“You do what’s right at the time.”

An Interesting Fact

Your forearm is the length/size of your foot